Heavenly Monarch Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Madness.

"Tie the kid, lie down and don't disturb!"

Chen Xiao saw that there were four robbers in the bank hall. They were all in a grey jacket with a black headdress on their head, showing only their mouth and eyes. While pointing at Chen Xiao with a pistol, Chen Xiao saw a fat gangster of five short statures. Although he could not see his appearance, the fat on one face was already protruding under that set.

"Boy! What do you see? You haven't seen a fat man rob a bank!" The fat man gave Chen Xiao a sidelong look.

Chen Xiao had no choice but to squat down honestly. The fat man seemed to see Chen Xiao very unhappy. He went up and kicked him a little more: "Damn, I hate a little white face like you most."

Of the four robbers, three of them were speeding up to stuff money into their travel bags. Only the fat man, with his pistol in his hand, looked around and shouted, "Everyone is honest, it's okay. We only ask for money and don…

Heavenly Monarch


Tiao Wu


Chen Xiao was an 18-year-old orphan, his parents used to be cutting-edge researchers but both of them died in a research accident two years ago.

And on his 18th birthday, he received a mysterious phone call from a person claiming to be his parents’ friends. The person on the call said that his parents entrusted them with the task of sending something over to their son, Chen Xiao.

Chen Xiao rushed home and was surprised to see the thing sent by his parents:

A big refrigerator, and inside it, a sleeping beauty…….

Since then, his life completely changed.

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